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Full disclosure and managing expectations is vital for all and the main goal of the auction consultation and review is to determine if an estate sale or auction is the right option for the customer. If so, a marketing budget is formulated and agreed to in advance of launching the campaign and preparing the property for estate sale and/or auction. A date of sale/auction is scheduled (30-60 days average lead time) and we immediately go to work for your estate sale/auction after our agreement is signed.


Getting to know your estate and/or property very well is essential to our target planning marketing efforts to ensure we accurately represent your assets and property value and attract qualified buyers to put their hands in the air on sale/auction day. We research all inventory all assets in the assessment and sort in bid lots. This detail work is essential to our target marketing campaign, as we access demographic databases of potential buyers in the local as well as nationally.


Home Place Real Estate is on the leading edge of direct, digital and social media marketing and we utilize both the old-fashion “high-touch” direct marketing tools, as well as current “high tech” media tools to market your assets and property. We design a multi-purpose marketing campaign and strategy to the target market of potential buyers of your assets and property. We aim the campaign by land and airwaves and we get results. We prepare and distribute printed materials in local and regional publications and sites and launch our exclusively designed digital marketing campaign for your assets and property. With precision, we aim the marketing campaign by land and airwaves and we get results.


The Home Place Auction/Estate Team will be “sale-day ready” to anticipate every need of each potential buyer and will have all processes and technical resources tested, fully functional and in place on sale day. Our Team is well trained to be customer centric in all that they leading up to and through sale day. Our goal is to do our home work and all of the leg work to get the highest possible price when the gavel drops. Sales orders and contracts are signed immediately after the auction sale and a 10% non-refundable down payment is collected on all real estate property from all buyers at the close of the sale. and on all individual orders over $200. The closing on real estate and properties is usually within 30 days of the sale day.


Home Place Real Estate offers several different levels of real estate and charitable auction and estate sale services. Burt Dailey is a licensed auctioneer and real estate agent in Oklahoma and leads the Auction Team for homes, land and estate auctions. Home Place Real Estate believes strongly in doing its part to give back to the communities it serves. We conduct charitable auctions for certain non-profit and charitable events. Please contact us about your event and we will review it.