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Casie’s Estate Liquidations

Casie Elkins–580-665-9990 (cell)

 (What to expect from our services)

  1. We bring in tables and use tablecloths on them.
  2. We organize, research, price and tag everything in the home, garage and any out buildings.
  3. We also sell cars, boats, etc.
  4. We make a flyer and email and/or mail them to our repeating customers.
  5. We advertise in the newspaper, social media and make yard signs.
  6. Any family pictures, important papers, anything you are not selling will need to be out of the home before we start pricing and organizing.
  7. We hold a 2-3 day sale, depending on size of estate.
  8. Everything is sold and removed from house, garage etc.
  9. The house is vacuumed after the sale.
  10. We have a short agreement we both sign.
  11. We take a percentage of the total sales.
  12. We give you an accounting the day after the sale.

Thank you,

Casie Elkins

Home Place Real Estate
Cell: 580-665-9990
Work: 580-332-4663
Fax: 580-332-4668

We have references for you available.