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Tom Bush

Tom Bush
Broker Associate
Tom Bush, Business Development Director and Broker Associate of Home Place Real Estate, brings his career in successful communications, sales and marketing in multiple industries to our Team. As he likes to say, “The main thing is the main thing” and he feels like there can never be too much communication to clients in the real estate buying and selling process. “Communication is critical in helping customers navigate their way through the twists and turns and the increasingly burdensome paperwork process involved in real estate transactions,” Tom said. “I have found that customers can deal with just about anything if they know what they’re dealing with. We pay close attention to details at Home Place and give clients a ‘heads up’ before they encounter the next twist or turn in the road to closing a successful transaction.” With a background in radio and television broadcasting early in his career, combined with key management roles in investor relations, executive management, sales and marketing for large companies, including two publicly-traded companies on the stock exchange, Tom has refined his skills as an excellent communicator and advisor in the real estate industry. He was the 2016 President of the East Central Oklahoma Board of Realtors and has served on multiple boards and committees. Tom is married to Loretta Bush and together they enjoy their children and grandchildren. Originally from Louisiana, Tom understands well the experience of relocation and the transition to a new home, having moved several times before settling in Ada. His journey helps him relate to his clients as he helps them through their own process.

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