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AJ & Lacey Christy

AJ & Lacey Christy
Team Christy
580.399.5010 / 580.320.3946
Lacey and A.J. Christy grew up in the Ada area, and have a love for the community and its surrounding towns.

In their marriage, and their business practices, they believe in keeping Christ at the center, as well as team work, and honesty. In their down time, they enjoy time with family, and outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, and hiking. Lacey and AJ are a registered real estate TEAM, this means they are both able to assist you whenever the customer calls!

When asked, why they chose Real Estate as a career, Lacey says, “I have always loved the real estate world, and learned a lot from my mother who was also a real estate agent!”. AJ enjoyed a different perspective, “My Dad was a big influence on me growing up. I enjoyed helping him flip properties from time to time and that ultimately sparked my interest in this business.”

Whether you are planning to SELL a property or PURCHASE a property The Christy Team is just a phone call away.